Headed for Self-Destruction

I started this blog post in a completely different place, then where I ended up. This morning I read an Instagram post that several of my friends shared called 8 Uncomfortable Truths That We Need to Accept and I took a hard swallow. Call it my quarantine come to Jesus. I like to think I … Continue reading Headed for Self-Destruction


Anything is possible, but not everything is probable. There are some things in life that are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated by certain people and some things that aren't. Some people are meant to experience life just as they planned, and some people are meant to have their plans eradicated. Like I always say, … Continue reading Finite.

You’re Perfect

Sometimes you have to give yourself a temperature check. Life can be so amusingly abusive sometimes and you have to take a look in the mirror and say "you aight?". Your job is making you question your entire purpose, your family is all sorts of crazy, your love life is unraveling like a cassette tape, … Continue reading You’re Perfect


Into every single woman's life, a Lawrence must fall. We all know a Lawrence; Lawrence is the unassuming, loveable, smart, emotional, funny love interest from HBO's Insecure. We have all met him, and if we're lucky, we've dated him. If things are good, they're really great. But like his former flame Issa, we may have met … Continue reading Lawrence